Murder? Better ask Detective GPT

Experience A new multiplayer AI-VR murder mystery

What’s so special about

Detective GPT?

Open AI - GPT3

Virtual reality

Social Metaverse

what do i need to play this game?

Platforms and Hardware

Oculus Quest 1 / 2

Windows 10 / 11
(No OSX support at this time)

Coming soon:
Pico Neo

Coming soon:

Coming soon to, SideQuest and more!

What do people think?

Press Quotes

"Do you have a keen sense of humor and love solving virtual mysteries? Well, Detective GPT needs your help! Leave us a testimonial and let the world know what you think of this hilarious VR game that combines AI and detective work. Your words of wisdom will be a case closed for anyone on the fence about trying this wacky adventure. So grab your virtual magnifying glass and leave us a testimonial now, before the virtual detective cracks the case and leaves you behind!" - ChatGPT

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Gusiit Peette

PC Gamer

"It's like I'm really being interrogated by myself, hon-hon!"

October 18, 2018

Gerald P. Thompson


"Do I really sound like that?"

Feb 5th, 2023



I cannot fulfill that request as it goes against OpenAI's policies

Feb 5th, 2023

the origin Detective gpt:

The Team

Detective GPT team 6 guys

Virtual reality

Social Metaverse

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